31 Scary Things #11: Broken Bones

I am going to say that you should watch this one with the sound off.  The crunkily bone breaking noises sort of made me queasy.

Next time I do a video about bones it is going to be non-stop skeletons playing their own rib cages like xylophones.  See?  I CAN learn.

(This is another one that you might want to be careful about at work if your boss is particularly humorless and hates for you to have any fun.  He sounds like a jerk.  -Eva)

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5 replies

  1. That sound…Oh god…

    Luckily I’ve only broken my toes, which still makes my stomach feel like I’m on an elevator every time I think about it.

  2. Good God. If I had to choose I think I’d turn the other one up in my office.

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