I Am the Death of the Moon: Werewolf Attack Makeup Tutorial

Darlings, I woke to overcast skies this morning and it thrilled me, because for a moment it felt like it was already fall. And with just 76 days until Halloween, we will be under truly gray and stormy skies in no time!

In the meantime, here are a quick duo of FX makeup tutorials to create the illusion of werewolf scratches and exposed tendons. I love these tutorials because they are not only very quick and simple to create, but also use a short list of easily-found materials, so are great for last minute Halloween costumes.  Simply play with the colors and either technique would also work well for, say, a zombie walk.  Take a peek at the related posts section at the bottom of the post for some companion costume ideas, as well.

Both of these videos are by the lovely and talented Fum’s Musings – do visit her FX makeup site or YouTube channel for many other great tutorials. I am particularly a fan of the Zombie Bite Prosthetic.

Products used:

Scar wax
Black face paint or eye shadow
Red-brown eye shadow
Stage blood [I often use dark red lip gloss – easy to find and less runny. -Eva]

Products used:

Lash glue [regular white glue would work too, just allow enough time to dry. -Eva]
Cotton balls
Tissue paper
Black eye shadow
Skin-tone heavy foundation or concealer
Skin-tone powder
Red-brown eye shadow
Stage blood

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6 replies

  1. Thanks for mentioning that it’s 76 days till Halloween — it put me in a better mood! Rrrrr rrrr, rrrrrrr — ahhwooooooooooooo!

  2. Very very cool!

    I have a friend who recently mentioned that she’s interested in getting into movie effects makeup, and this would be a cool starting point!

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