Eyes Without a Face: Pavi’s Bride Makeup Tutorial

Darlings, today marks exactly 70 days til Halloween and in the mood for something a little creepy this morning. Fortunately, I’ve been saving this fantastically awful makeup tutorial by TYoH favorite Beauty by Brig for just such an occasion! Inspired by Pavi in Repo! The Genetic Opera, this surprisingly easy makeup look creates the illusion of a horrible face partially covered with a living human mask. You can pair this look with just about any costume, or simply wear an elegant outfit and carry a hand mirror to admire your monstrous beautiful face all evening.  Happy haunting!

Product List:

I’ve included some product links here for reference, but everything on the list should be available at a Halloween or costume shop.  Most well-stocked box stores will have the key stuff available in their holiday section in the run up to Halloween as well.  Of course, if you are planning now, you usually get a better deal by buying online. If the products on the list aren’t an option for you, don’t be afraid to experiment!  If you can’t get your hands on scar wax, use rolled toilet paper and liquid latex. Can’t get liquid latex? Use non-toxic elmer’s glue. Just make sure to pick non-toxic products and test for allergies if you have sensitive skin.

  • liquid latex
  • nose and scar wax
  • large staples
  • spirit gum
  • foundation/concealer
  • eye or lip pencil to draw shape
  • makeup to color and shade fake skin (you can use just about any powder or cream you have laying around that isn’t glittery, but this is what was used in the video: brownish-red eye shadow or blush, blue-green eye shadow,  yellow and green cream makeupdark brown/red lipstick or cream makeup)
  • blood gel (I use a sticky dark red lip gloss for this)
  • tools (paint brush, large makeup brush, butter knife or palette knife, cotton swab, cotton cosmetic pad, toilet paper or tissue)
  • hand or face lotion
  • vaseline or castor oil (optional)
  • fake blood (optional)

Beauty by Brig Pavi's Bride Makeup Tutorial

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  1. Reblogged this on Tea Mouse and commented:
    I am a Huge Ogre and Repo! Fan. I even have a Repo!Tattoo! I love this tutorial!

  2. I’m always amazed when I see anyone in a random place who has even heard of that movie. It makes me feel all warm inside 🙂


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