Sewn Up Laceration Tutorial (Derma Wax / Liquid Latex)

Darlings, with just 26 days to go, now’s the time to add KathrenElizabethMakeup for your Halloween how-to site list! As a student of Makeup Artistry and Special Effects Makeup at Bradford College, Katy is a lovely resource for great costume hair and makeup tutorials. Check out this easy DIY technique from Katy for creating a fabulously gruesome stitched laceration, or her full hospital zombie tutorial for inspiration on using the effect.  Happy haunting!

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Kathren Elizabeth

Casualty Simulation – Stitched Up Laceration (Part of the Hospital Zombie Make-up)

dscf01331Products used:
-Grimmas Derma wax (Snazzaroo Wax is also a cheaper alternative)
-Liquid latex
-Glynn Mckay Bruise Gel (Red)
-Translucent Powder
-KY jelly (cleansing lotion or moisturiser could also be used)
-Wound Filler (or fake blood)
-Needle and Thread
-Small pair of scissors

For the recreation of a stitched up laceration I began by scraping out derma wax from the tub by using the back of my finger nail. I then used the warmth of my hands to roll the wax into a long sausage shape that was around 6-7mm in width and 2½ inches in length (the length may change depended on where you intend to apply the makeup).

The next step is to apply the wax to the skin. I placed the wax onto the surface and then blend out the edges using my thumb and forefinger. Derma Wax…

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