She Was a Red Hot Hoochie-Koocher: Betty Boop Makeup Tutorial

The iconic Betty Boop first made an appearance in the early 1930’s from Fleischer Studios.  Fleischer Studios, known for the introduction of rotoscoping and their panoply of human cartoon figures such as Superman and Popeye, presented Betty Boop as vivacious and fun, an idealized Jazz Baby making her way in the big city.

Although Betty’s revealing dress and mildly suggestive attributes were tamed and eventually retired due to changes forced by the Production Code of 1934, Betty remains best remembered for her short dress, garter, and, naturally, her boop-oop-a-doop.

If you decide to try this flirty flapper costume, the hair and makeup really steal the show here, so you can make use of nearly any black or bright red dress that’s short and flirty to achieve the right costume look.  Simply accessorize with garter, hoop earrings and bracelets, and black or red pumps to complete your outfit.   Finish out the look using a simple black wig (although Betty did appear in 1934’s Poor Cinderella as a redhead) and makeup following the techniques below from the extremely talented Kandee Johnson.

This costume also makes a great starting out point for a lot of looks – do your makeup in desaturated tones and pair with a black dress for classic black and white cartoon Betty Boop! Add a green undertone and a few oozing sores for zombie Boop!  Because the look is so iconic, it’s still easily recognizable if you let loose and just have fun with it, darlings.

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  1. That was impressive.

  2. Very good likeness!:)


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