Heartsick and Eyes Filled Up with Blue: Rotting True Blood Tutorial

Pam Rotting Makeup Tutorial True Blood

Sweetlings, today marks just 36 days until Halloween. Have you started thinking about your costume yet? I certainly hope you are all giving some thought to next month’s big costume contest!  If not, never fear, darlings. I will be here with costume and makeup tutorials all month to help you decide. Today’s tutorial features a half-cadaverous Pam from Season 4 of True Blood, her lovely face rotting away under the force of a witch’s curse.

If you don’t have Pros-Aide on hand, you can use a non-toxic gluestick to cover your eyebrow. You can also substitute homemade prosthetic gel for the 3D Gel Effects product. Don’t forget to take a look at GoldieStarling’s instructions for creating Pam’s hat or visit her YouTube channel for more makeup tutorials.

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10 replies

  1. Oh! How I do love this! ❤

  2. What if I look like that now and want to look normal. You got anything for that?

    I mean if my friend looks like that and wants to look normal.

    • Thanks! Pam is a great character and this episode was such fun. Plus it’s a more do-able look than most of the ones from True Blood, which would basically be “Take off clothes. Add blood/fangs (OPTIONAL). Done.” 🙂

  3. That reminds me, I gotta get some pimple cream on the way home.


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