And Still There Sits a Moonshine Ghost: The Legend of Penny Castle

Darlings, you know that I love to share little treasures with you from time to time. This one comes to us courtesy of our resident Scary Things expert, Acadia Einstein. Digging around in the dusty archives of Superficial Gallery Headquarters, Acadia unearthed a collection of ghostly trading cards that date from at least the founding of the Gallery back in 1928. I was fortunate enough to trade a little paranormal expertise in exchange for this card featuring the tragic Penny Castle, resident ghost of the Donovan Hotel. Of course my first thought was to share it with you, dear readers. Penny, known throughout society circles in post-WWII New York City as the wild and headstrong heiress to the Castle fortune, disappeared one night during the Donovan’s annual Halloween soirée and was never seen again. Never seen again, that is, until her ghostly figure first appeared in the hotel lobby in 1949. Since then, hotel staff and guests regularly report encountering Penny’s presence, particularly on nights of grand fêtes and other celebrations. Penny is always described as looking to the Donovan’s massive Art Nouveau hotel doors, as if waiting for someone to appear. Do be sure to visit Superfical Gallery to view another trading card from beyond, featuring the spectrel docent of the Baltimore Museum of Art.

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  1. That’s really interesting! I’m into ghosts and hauntings…that’s really a cool post!
    – Ghostly World

  2. I like that Eva ghost it is hauntingly awesome

  3. Reblogged this on fiftyshadesofgay and commented:
    Love these old-fashioned paperback covers…

  4. Quite a tasty little morsel, I love a good ghost story!


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