Blood, Boneyards, and Other Scary Things

Today puts us just 3 short months from Halloween, my dears. Owls and rust-colored chrysanthemums have already started popping up in in stores, like heralds proclaiming the impending arrival of coal-dark ravens and grinning calevaras.

Are your thoughts starting to turn to cool weather and dark things? If not, perhaps a turn through the dusty Year of Halloween archives? But be warned, darlings…exploring these shadowy corridors could turn up everything from costume advice to ghostly radio shows, with perhaps a few charmingly headless photos along the way.

To help steer your imagination in a sinister direction, lovies, I’ve arranged for a double dose of Acadia’s 31 Scary Things this week.  Click below for a disturbing duo of  #16: Blood and, one of my favorites, #17: Graveyards, as we continue counting down through all 31 videos to Halloween 2012!

Scary Things #16: Blood

Scary Things #17: Graveyards

Speaking of graveyards, here’s a little bonus picture of St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 from my recent trip to New Orleans.  “Haunting” doesn’t begin to describe that place, darlings.

New Orleans - St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

Until next time, my loves…happy haunting!

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9 replies

  1. It is pleasantly haunting to find someone else who LOVES Halloween just as much as we do! Check out our blog & also our eBay store (link is on our blog) and see if you can find some Halloween product that you would like! We’re counting down the days to the witching hour too!

  2. Love love love the sound of the hearbeat! It’s tres sexy! The captions were funny also. I’m excited — we’re getting closer to Halloween! Yay!

  3. Why didn’t I think of doing more than one video in a post – I would have been done twice as fast!

  4. Nice. I am starting to get anxious for October myself. Graveyards shouldn’t be spooky, but they are.


  1. 31 Scary Things #30: Pain | The Year of Halloween

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