The Great Evadia Halloween Contest: The Results

Darlings, it is time to announce the winners of this year’s Halloween Contest!  For those of you new to the site, we ran a Halloween Scavenger Hunt and Costume Contest during the month of October with Superficial Gallery.  This year featured nearly $1,000 worth of prizes, as well as a friendly little wager with the Gallery over which site would have the most participants. I am thrilled to report that the contest received close to 100 photo submissions, including a ton of fabulous costume photos.  Much sadder news, kittens, is that the Gallery pretty much smoked us when it came to submissions.  Surely there must have been some error in space and time for that to have happened!  Rest assured, darlings – I am investigating.  In the meantime, on to the prizes!


Thanks again to everyone who played – I have faith that you, my darling readers, will find a way to beat the pants off of them next year!

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9 replies

  1. Congratulations everyone! 🙂

    (Except for the people who beat me in the scavenger hunt. No congratulations for you!)

  2. Hooray! I did much better since I paid attention to the instructions 🙂

  3. Finally catching up on emails – thank you so much again! 🙂 Hopefully next year I will be able to take photos for the contest too!

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