Halloween Art by Pumpkin Sculptor Ray Villafane

Proving it’s never too late in the year for a little Halloween love, this post showcases the fabulous pumpkin carver Ray Villafane and his 2011 zombie-themed carvings.  Along with Scott Stollen, Ray Villafane is one of my very favorite Halloween artists.  Take a stroll over to Halloween Culture to read the complete article and see for yourself, darlings.

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Halloween Culture

I recently discovered the amazing Pumpkin artistry of  Master Pumpkin Sculptor Ray Villafane, I’m sure you’ve seen pictures some of his sculptures floating around the web. Ray and the team at Villafane Studios (which includes his business partner Andy Bergholtz ) create the most realistic Pumpkin art I have ever laid eyes on. In demand every Halloween, Ray has made sculptures for everyone from Martha Stewart to The White House…take a peek at some of his out of this world creations…

The 2012 Pumpkin display at the NY Botanical Gardens featured a zombie theme…

Last years display which was sculpted from the “worlds largest pumpkin” was also zombie themed…

Some individual pumpkin sculptures…

…and of course who do you call if you are Heidi Klum and you are throwing the biggest Halloween party in Hollywood? That’s right, good old Ray.

I can’t wait to see what Ray, Andy and his team have in store for next year…

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  1. Un-freakin-believable!! 🙂 Well done, sweetie. You bring us the best stuff! 🙂

  2. Couldn’t find the like button on his blog but I love.

  3. Wow. I wish I had that much talent at…well, anything.


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