Things That Go Bump in The Night: 10 Things You Might Have Missed in 2014 (Part Two)

TYoH Best of 2014 Part Two

Kittens, if you missed part one of our 2014 wrap-up, you can check it out here. Otherwise, read on for our recap of four more things you may have missed here in 2014!

7. Contests, Cash, and Prizes

Halloween Costume Contest 2014 Winners Readers' Choice2014 was the year of contests on TYoH. Starting in May with our Halfway to Halloween contest, we had five big giveaways this year, culminating with our annual Halloween Costume Contest. Jointly hosted with our friends at Superficial Gallery, this year’s contest saw over 30 fabulous costume entries from readers around the world, with prizes ranging from cool horror art to handmade Halloween crafts. Yes, Halloween may be 292 days away, but start planning your 2015 costume now because we’re planning to make this year’s contest bigger than ever!

8.Eva Halloween on The Big Seance Podcast

The Big Seance with Patrick KellerBack in October, you may have missed the interview I did with the fabulous Patrick Keller of The Big Seance podcast. One look at Patrick’s impressive guest list, reminiscent of the early Art Bell days of Coast to Coast AM, and you’ll know why I was more than flattered to be invited to chat about all things Halloween. Click here to listen to the episode in its entirety, or find the podcast on iTunes and become a regular listener.

9. Enumerated Oddities Chico Ghost Truck

In our nearly 800 posts on TYoH, we’ve learned that spooky things rarely come alone… which is why we made a new Lists category last year to feature all the countdowns and compendiums we’ve shared here since 2012. From 10 Murderous Movie Matriarchs to 5 Creepy Ghost Photos, this new section of the site is your one stop shop for all manner of inventoried abnormalities and other collections of creepiness.

10. Our Haunted Homes Away From Home

While it’s true we spend an inordinate amount of time haunting the halls here at The Year of Halloween, what kind of hosts would we be if we didn’t occasionally venture abroad to pay a social call to our friends? Indeed, you can be friends with us all over the regular mortal plane – by following us on Twitter or liking TYoH on Facebook, perhaps? If you’re craving even more interaction, come visit us on Google+ and say hi to the whole grim gang of TYoH writers in our usual hangout. For those of you inclined to images, you must join our beautiful world of Halloween horror on Tumblr, where we share a cavalcade of links and images designed to inspire your love of all things Halloween 365 days a year…just a small sample of which you can see below (click for more detail!).

Although there were many more happily horrible moments this year that didn’t make the list, we’ll simply finish our annual salute to the ashes of the old year by thanking you, the readers, once more for your ongoing support of the site. Here’s to the next 292 days til Halloween 2015!

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