Needful Things: 13 Unique Gifts for Horror Lovers

Darlings, it is getting to be that time of year when we go in search of gifts for family and friends. And while *I* am famously easy to shop for, I know it can be a challenge to find just the right special something for the horror lover in your life.  Rest easily, my doves – here is Eva Halloween’s Guide to 13 Unusual and Unique Gifts for Unusual and Unique People. Good luck, and happy browsing!

1. Vintage Horror and Pulp Fiction Upcycled Jewelry ($9) These darling pendants feature old domino and scrabble tiles remade into jewelry featuring vintage pulp fiction covers and horror posters. Love.

2. Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers, by Mary Roach ($9) Stiff, one of Mary Roach’s first (and I think best) forays into the unusual, features a quirky and well-researched investigation of the many fascinating uses for the human corpse, from testing guillotines to serving as long-term residents at a human decay research facility.

3. Anatomical Skull Tote Bag ($12) This sturdy canvas bag features a vintage anatomy illustration and is the perfect size for carrying a human head. Truth in advertising!

4. Gravestone Rubbing Kit ($17) Gravestone rubbing is an amazingly simple way to create haunting art, and this kit comes with a solid set of supplies for the neophyte. An elegant choice for your history buff or taphophile.

5. Zombie Survivalist Hoodie ($30) This tough little zombie hunter is designed by comic artist and Warner Brothers Animation art director Dan Hipp.  It’s available as a t-shirt as well, but the hoodie also includes a great zombie front graphic.

6. Retro Horror Movie Monsters Apron ($33) Polka dots, frills, monsters. AND it keeps your clothes, well…. splatter-free.  What’s not to love?

7. Octopus Specimen in Lucite ($35) Who doesn’t need a 3.5″ inch octopus vulgaris specimen encased in lucite on their desk? I assume it would be a warning to others. Today lucite – tomorrow…CARBONITE. *laughs villanously*

8. Ceramic Horror Villians Coasters (Set of 8) ($40) Although this is probably an easy DIY project, I love the selection of classic horror scenes in this collection. Yes, Jigsaw, you can hold my glass for me.

9. Loungefly Sugar Skull Satchel ($67) Loungefly stocks a rotating selection of sturdy, animal-friendly, Dia de los Muertos-themed bags, including the lovely twill sugar skull print satchel below.

10. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman (Complete Collection) ($126) Neil Gaiman is an absolute treasure, and LA Times Magazine called his Sandman series “The greatest epic in the history of comic books.” This complete Sandman set includes all ten issues in a lovely cover art slipclover.  Please let me know if you need my shipping address.

11. Shub-Niggurath Art Plushie ($150) Yes, I know it’s $150. But can you really put a price on cuddling up with The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young? No? Me neither.

12. Skull Wax Seal Cufflinks ($160) Perhaps my favorite gift on the list, these memento mori cufflinks are based on a wax seal from 1820’s-30’s England and bear a skull with the classic inscription es fui sum eris (“as you are, so once was I”).

13. “Someones Gonna Lose A Finger” Taxidermy Art Diorama ($1,150) For when you want to be absolutely, POSITIVELY sure that your gift will be unique. This handmade taxidermy diorama from Loved to Death features two dapper-clad Domestic Zebra Finches about to get serious over a game of pool.  In case you feel like that sentence doesn’t entirely make sense, the diorama includes a back story, helpfully explaining: “These two are locked in a heated, martini infused game of pool with very high stakes. Marcel has upped the stakes by matching James’ $1000 wager by saying he is so sure he will win, the loser will have to cut off their own pinky.”  Because Domestic Zebra Finches are known for many things, but certainly never welshing.

Taxidermy Diorama 30 from Loved to Death Boutique

Hope this guide helps make your winter celebrations just a bit more delightfully awful, lovies.  Stay tuned for more helpful holiday horror posts all next week!

UPDATE: Check out our 2013 and 2014 Gift Lists here!

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20 replies

  1. Love #1!! I like the aprons also but just got two “Flirty Aprons” for Christmas already. 🙂

  2. So what you’re really saying is, you need someone to buy all of these things for you. Fine, but I insist on borrowing the cufflinks now and again…

  3. You really make me feel ready for good ol’ Xmas. I need to wear those cuff links while I gaze at my awesome octopus.

  4. Your taste, as always, is impeccable. If I had to choose, I’d go with the apron, I think.

  5. Delightfully macarbe. And the Gaiman is a must!


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