Friday Night Features: “Proxy – A Slender Man Story” Short Film

Tonight’s horror short is a creepy little film featuring one of our favorite bit of spooky internet fakelore, the Slender Man. Proxy: A Slender Man Story is created by the versatile Mike Dahlquist (aka Mike Diva), who is definitely one to keep an eye on, kittens.  Enjoy, and happy Friday!


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10 replies

  1. Holy Hell that actually made me jump! My boys love the slender man game but this is just a bit beyond that! Well done for making me jump…it’s not that easy!

  2. AAAAAH! I totally jumped.

    • Amander, would you believe that video just popped up on my phone last week? I assume I must have clicked on a link from somewhere when I wasn’t paying attention, but I still haven’t found where I got it from…

  3. Quality addition the Slender Man mythology, really great video with production values, acting, all probably far better than any longer Hollywood movie that eventually rips it off! Oh, and SCARY, Slenderman keeps on getting better. Thanks for posting this up 🙂 wherever it came from….0_o


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