Friday Night Features: “Brutal Relax” Short Film

Poor Señor Olivares.  With his therapy complete, all that’s left is to take a little vacation and relax at the beach. Too bad some Old Ones have different plans as they rise from the deep to terrorize beach goers in this 2010 horror-comedy short.  A collaboration by Adrián Cardona, Rafa Dengrá, and David Muñoz, this Spanish short gets off to a slow but off-beat start until monsters suddenly appear and the over-the-top gore and carnage really begin.  What can I say, kittens? I laughed.  If you liked Treevenge, this one should appeal to you.  If not, check out the rest of our horror short film collection at the Friday Night Features main page!

Brutal Relax(via Short of the Week)

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  1. This one was great. I laughed too. Classic moment was the guy buried in the sand. You knew what was gonna happen. Treevenge is still my fave. Thanks for sharing!

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