It Was a Monsters’ Holiday: Mad Monster Party

David Naughton in American Werewolf in London

Darlings, Acadia and I are working up some highlights (and, hmm, lowlights) to post from this year’s Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, North Carolina, the (Scream) Queen City.  And in between tidbits like Gary Busey wearing an oxygen mask on his head and the world’s most questionable talent contest, we managed to fit in some great panels, met a number of awesome fans, and debuted our first ever team Evadia costume (sneak peek in the gallery below if you can’t wait, kittens).  Some of the best things I saw this weekend?

  • The oldest cemetery in Charlotte.
  • The American Werewolf in Charlotte panel, featuring Vic Armstrong and David Naughton.
  • The “Unrated” Haunted Mill (aka, Strippers in Zombieland).
  • The unrivaled magnificence of Mr. Bruce Campbell.
  • A miscellany of panels, horror short films, and “celebrity” sightings.

Stay tuned over the next week or so for some in-depth posts on the items above.  In the meantime, here’s a little gallery to give you a taste of this year’s Mad Monster Party.

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8 replies

  1. awesome, great pics. I like the Critter puppet – need one…

  2. I’m still a little disappointed that Acadia isn’t a lady-person (as I believed for like a year). You guys had a cool weekend. I’m jelly.

  3. Looking forward to Evadia Season 1

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