Horror GIF of the Week: Fair Use

Usually I use these posts to scare or amuse you or both (remember the gif where my pants fell off?).  But this time I am going to turn you on to what I consider an art form of sorts.  I call it:  Overly Dramatic Tumblr Gif Things!  Or maybe it already has a name. Regardless, while many of them are just riddled with teen angst, some I think should be used as actual marketing for movies.  Check out the one that athelstanus made for the new Carrie movie.  I think you’ll agree that rather than being one of those “you have too much time on your hands” things it’s a “It sort of makes me want to see the movie” thing.  Judge for yourself.





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3 replies

  1. Acadia,
    Agreed, this is a good marketing spin! I recently saw the trailer, and it did the opposite. It left me with a “Meh” feeling…
    Le Clown

  2. Nice marketing. Saw the trailer during Evil Dead and had the same effect that Le Clown said above. The girl is just too cutsy to be believe she will cause all of the desruction that is required at the end of Carrie. Can’t touch Sissy’s performance. BTW, if you wanna’ know what I thought of Evil Dead 2013, come by and read my scathing, 3-part review!

  3. Great idea, well executed. Thanks, sweetie! 🙂

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