Friday Night Features: “Monster Roll” Short Film

Darlings, tonight’s feature is Monster Roll, a fantastic little gem about monsters who arise from the deep to thrust the “eat or be eaten” question upon an unlikely group of warriors. Although some might consider this 2012 short more of action or comedy than horror, it falls squarely in the historical tradition of Godzilla and other classic horror kaijū eiga (monster movies). The people behind Monster Roll are tossing around a potential kickstarter to secure funding for a feature-length film, so keep your eyes on their Facebook page for possible announcements, and in the meantime, enjoy this Friday night’s feature!

Monster Roll One Sheet

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  1. I. Love. It!! Oh, sweetie. You have outdone yourself once again. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! I adore sushi and I will think of this video… and you… next time I am at my favourite sushi place!! You are, as always, the best!

  2. Vampyrefangs said my own sentiments so well.ditto to those fangs

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