Horror GIF of the Week: Mad Skillz

Usually I am stuck with whatever the gif I get has on it.  First the scary part and maybe a watermark in the corner.  And then another watermark on top of the watermark.  But then this weekend I was doing something stupid (big surprise) and I found out that I had special powers.  I can ENHANCE gifs.

Some may question whether or not what I do is an actual enhancement, but I will let you see for yourself!

Original Form

What's this even about?  Why is it scary?  Nobody knows!

What’s this even about? Why is it scary? Nobody knows!

Enhanced Version

See!  makes perfect sense now.

See! makes perfect sense now.

I can’t do this to all of them.  I’m not made of letters, you know.  But whenever there is one that needs extra explaining I will be sure to jump in and help you.  Also, I will probably find lots of ones that look like witches and scary ladies and say things like:  “Eva tells us to work harder!”  Or one of a broom breaking and say: “Eva had to walk to work that day!”.  And she can’t fire me BECAUSE IT’S ART!

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14 replies

  1. It was a little creepy in the Before version but in your After version, you cranked it up to 11.

  2. Well played, as ever, Stop hogging all the awesome.

  3. I’m gonna need to sleep with a night light after watching that!

  4. Scary, either way. Except to my kid, who wanted to know who spilled the juice box.

    And to think, all this time I’ve been afraid to click on any Eve or Acadia links with the kids nearby. 😉

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