Friday Night Features: “Girl at the Door” Short Film

Kristen Renton in Girl at the Door

Sweetlings, I know we’ve been throwing around a lot of talk lately on horror tropes here on TYoH, but this week’s Friday Night Feature, the 2013 horror short Girl at the Door, brings another classic theme to mind – the cautionary tale.  From headstrong hitchhikers to randy teens, horror is only too happy to show us what happens to those who foolishly disregard social mores and perform some taboo act: sex, drugs, or perhaps naïvely trusting a stranger.

Girl at the Door takes these well-worn horror conceits and mixes them into a fulminous brew. Writer and director Colin Campbell’s sharp pacing and strong performances by leads Jeffrey Vincent Parise and Kristen Renton (troublemaking porn star Ima on Sons of Anarchy) create a growing sense of unease as the film escalates to its frenetic finale. Enjoy this one, kittens – I quite hope it doesn’t sour anyone’s weekend plans…

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  1. That was pretty good. But I totes would have left after the second time. I am smart about ghosts!

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