Horror GIF of the Week: A Little Light on the Subject


I am not a big fan of killing people with light fixtures. Mostly because I already have four outside fixtures for my house that I need to put up but have been putting off because I am pretty convinced I will electrocute myself if i try it. So if I killed someone using a light fixture and didn’t just leave the body there, I would have to probably replace the fixture. And then electrocute myself.

So if you want to be safe from me, hide in a light store.  Or the light section of some store that sells things other than lights!

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4 replies

  1. I’m trying to decide which reply is cheesier: “Shocking!” or “Enlightening!” Decisions, decisions! 😉

  2. Sometimes a man just has to call an electrician…

  3. This may be the worst excuse for avoiding chores/murder that I have ever heard.

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