Going Overboard with Halloween Decorations

A statue of the Pumpkin King outside of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion during the 'Haunted Mansion Holiday' overlay in 2004 photographed by Imperpay

Now that I have lived in the same state for a few years in a row I decided it was time to start tricking my house out for Halloween. I know that I am small potatoes right now (oh how I wish small potatoes were scary!) but I figure every year I can get a couple more things until the whole yard is ridiculous.

Why? Well for one thing there is no better time of year to be outside than the fall. I don’t know why wearing a sweatshirt without a coat is the most satisfying wardrobe choice possible but it really is. Making a big deal out of Halloween in your yard also really gets you off the hook for the winter holiday season. You can keep putting scary things all over the yard and it just gets scarier. For every goblin you put up, that’s one less Menorah or Yule Log or Kwanzaa Hat you need to put up later on.

I guess my final goal is to be someone like the guys in this movie.  But not JUST like them because they are all kind of weird.

And how am I going to get there?  Well I suppose I will still keep making homemade junk but I might get some of the stuff from one of the places Eva talked about earlier this year.  In fact, there is one thing in this catalog that I am DEFINITELY going to get this year.  So to make things interesting, whoever is the first one to guess it will get a special gift.  No joke.  I suppose you can guess as many times as you want but you can’t post more than one guess at a time and you can’t post two in a row.

Also, just to make it fair, I will give you some hints:  It is NOT fog juice and it is NOT an animal.

Heh.  Fog Juice.

Good luck!

[Ed. Note – For the record, the nice people at the linked store don’t sponsor these posts or provide us any products. Acadia and I both just happened to like their catalog this year.  – Eva]

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13 replies

  1. Hey, I’ve seen some pretty scary small potatoes in my kitchen over the years. I still wake up screaming sometimes!

  2. You are going to get the “Lifelike Scary Peeper”!!!

    What do I win??????

  3. Argh, you’re killing me with the fall weather spiel. I’m in South America right now and it’s the end of winter; October 31st will be the middle of spring.

    Is that Jack-o’-lantern scarecrow fellow your doing, Acadia? Because that is wicked. If you did that, you are definitely not small potatoes.

    First guess for what you’re getting: Motion-activated Headless Horseman. Because LOOK at it.

  4. Can’t wait to see American Scream, it looks fantastic!


  1. Acadia Einstein, Marketing Genius | The Year of Halloween

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