Friday Night Features: “Death Scenes” Short Film

A year ago tomorrow, I launched the very first Friday Night Feature here on TYoH. Since then, we’ve featured nearly 50 horror shorts – that’s more than 6 hours of interesting, unusual, independent horror films for your (completely free) viewing pleasure, darlings. In honor of this week’s milestone, tonight’s feature is the wicked little short Death Scenes, Episode 7 of Eight Tales of Terror From Bloody Cuts, an indie horror short anthology previously featured on TYoH and now available for DVD purchase through the Bloody Cuts website. Written and directed by Joel Morgan, tonight’s short tells the tale of a detective investigating a series of grisly crimes, who gets rather more than he bargained for from a mysterious suspect found wandering around the police station. Enjoy!

Death Scenes Horror Short

(via Film School Rejects)

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  1. Oh… My… Goodness. What a delicious little short, sweetie! I loved it! Brava! 🙂

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