Friday Night Features: “Chatter” Short Film

Darlings, it was lovely to have Le Clown stop by for a visit yesterday, wasn’t it?  Now there’s a clown that knows his horror.  And speaking of horror, it’s Friday night, which means it’s time for another installment of Friday Night Features, your home for horror short films here on The Year of Halloween!

Tonight’s movie is the 2010 short Chatter, written and directed by Leo Resnes.  Alone in her apartment, a young woman encounters a disturbing scene on a Chatroulette-type site. When the power goes out, we are left to wonder if Liz, well played by Karoline Stemre, is as alone in that apartment as we thought.  While the film’s plot may not hold many surprises for seasoned horror fans, the tight cinematography by Epen Gjelsten lends a tense creepiness that makes this one worth a watch.  Enjoy!

Chatter short horror film

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13 replies

  1. Well, looks like I’m never going to do any Chatroulette.

  2. If you made the end shot the banner pic you would make people faint.

  3. I think I was in that hangout!

  4. This is why I tell the BF that Chatroulette is BAD!


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