Horror Gif of the Week: Women!

Whenever girls say: “I only have guy friends; girls are so catty,” I wonder if they realize they are being catty just by saying that.  Then I wonder why guys never say: “I only have girl friends because I hope some day they will just start making out with me with no warning,” which would be incredibly accurate.

As for the girl thing, though – there might be something to it. I remember when my friend Cheryl (who loved dressing up in old timey clothes in picking corn at night) mentioned to our mutual friend Mavis (who also loved old timey clothes) that she might start dating Bert, who had broken up with Mavis a couple months earlier. 

Mavis was NOT down with that idea.

Mavis was NOT down with that idea.






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12 replies

  1. Honestly, sweetie. Some girls can be SO touchy! 😉

  2. recycled boyfriends/girlfriends….no no.

  3. I have never understood why but, in my life, I try and mind my own business and do my work and not bother anyone. It NEVER fails that I am sitting around, doing everything I can to not bother anyone and some female comes around and yells at me…

    much like this gif….

  4. I asked a female friend who said she preferred having male friends, if she was having sex with all of these male friends. “Yes,” she says — hahahaha!

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