Horror GIF of the Week: The Affair

Lois had spent three months researching the particular book that her husband Steve needed to complete his collection of occult texts.  She had paid a fortune for the tome and could not wait to show it to him.  That Valentine’s morning she watched out the window as he pulled out of the driveway.  Already talking on his cell phone.  He works so hard, she thought.

She watched until his car was out of sight and turned smiling back to the kitchen to warm up her coffee.  She saw Steve’s cell phone on the counter.  Wait.  If his phone was there, what was he talking on in the car?  He had two cell phones?


Tears stung her eyes as she tore the house apart.  After she was actually looking, evidence of the affair was all around her.  How could she have been so blind?

Lois noticed the book of spells she had worked so hard to find.  There was sure to be some way to get revenge in there.  Turn him into a frog, make his thing shrivel up.  She would fix him.

Six hours later, she was sitting in a chair waiting for him to come home.  She didn’t understand one word of that ridiculous book so Lois decided she was just going to stab him.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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20 replies

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU PEOPLE!!!

  2. Indead, Happy Valentine’s to you crazy brilliant people!

  3. Efficient wife is efficient!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Hi, my name is Stacy and sometimes I feel stabby.

  5. Stabby Valentimes Day, creepsters!

  6. First thing I thought when I saw the GIF was “Yeah I sometimes can’t find my screwdriver either.”

  7. Lois is hardly a witch if her only thoughts for revenge were to turn him into a frog of make his thing shrivel up. We are FAR more creative than that. It is known!

  8. Huh, ex-girlfreinds, whada’ya’gonna’ do?

  9. Reblogged this on MadMomma's Halloween Haunt and commented:
    I was so disappointed to miss my Halloween haunters prop-making group’s meeting last week as we were hit with the snowstorm here on the East Coast. With 30 inches of snow to shovel, it was too difficult to get out of my driveway no less get off the island!

    I’m reblogging this GIF for now until I can start posting some really cool prop-making ideas and things I’m working on for the upcoming season. Hope you don’t mind for the time being…Enjoy!

  10. It’s always best to keep things simple, sweetie. 🙂


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