Friday Night Features: “The Tale of Haunted Mike” Short Film

Kittens, we’ve posted our share of spooky antiques here on TYoH, and I admit I would buy a few if they happened to come my way. What, though, of the vengeful spirits that may be attached to those rare items, fraught with history and emotion, crassly bought and sold at auction like a common commodity? Tonight’s featured horror film, The Tale of Haunted Mike, is a 2008 Fewdio production that explores just that question. Written and directed by Drew Daywalt and David Schneider, this week’s tale of horror introduces us to Haunted Mike, who sells so-called “haunted” items on eBay…until the day he comes across a child’s prosthetic arm, an item that just may be more haunted than he bargained for.  Enjoy!

The Tale of Haunted Mike

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  1. Haunted Mike should have had more lamps.

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