Friday Night Features: “There’s No Such Thing” Short Film

It’s Friday night, lovies, so that means it’s time to close out the week with another Friday Night Features horror short. Tonight’s movie is Drew Daywalt’s 2010 short There’s No Such Thing. Watch this and ask yourself if there are worse things to be frightened of than what might be lurking under your bed…

There's No Such Thing Short Film by Daywalt

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  1. As you know – I had to watch this without sound and I LOVED IT!!!! I can’t wait to get home and check it out with sound!!! Looks GREAT!!

  2. Soooooo… is she lying or is she unaware?

  3. OMG! Holy bat poop…I know she saw it but now I have to wonder why she would walk off like nothing is wrong. I’d snatch my kid out of that bed so fast and find a new place to sleep, were it me!

    • Any movie that sticks with you enough to ask questions at the end is a great film, in my opinion!

      • So funny too, that our local paper featured a cartoon based along the same line…wish I could put it here to show it. Unfortunately, I may be thinking about the thing under the bed as I lay down tonight; I sure hope not. There’s enough scary stuff in the real world to give me sleepless nights as it is!

  4. I still love this 🙂

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