The Great 2013 Evadia Halloween Contest – Readers’ Choice!

2013 Costume Contest Winners

Kittens, this year’s Halloween contest was quite the success, with nearly 100 players submitting photos of their Halloween costumes! While we’ve picked our favorites for the grand prizes, we had so many submissions, we’re turning the rest of the contest over to you, dear readers! Check out our winners list below, then look through the gallery of costumes and vote for your favorite in the comments. One Readers’ Choice winner will be selected from each of the participating sites, so you can vote on Superficial Gallery and Backwoods Horror as well! 

The winners so far:

  • Best Costume: Gina P, Zombie (#15)
  • Best Group Costume: Liam P,  Wreck it Ralph and Fix it Felix (#18)
  • Best Makeup: Beth R, Calavara Catrina (#22)
  • Second Place Best Costume: Ani, Ood and Dr. Who Crab Monster (#24)
  • Second Place Group Costume: Jess L and Matthew H. (#13)
  • Second Place Best Makeup: Timothy B, Captain Spaulding (#21)
  • Best Appeal to a Corrupt Judge: Sophia, Luchadors (#32)
  • Honorable Mentions: Jesse W., Centurion (#2), Manny, Zombie Group (#34), Harold, Bob Ross & Happy Tree (#28)

Readers’ Choice Contestants – vote for your favorite in the comments!

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15 replies

  1. My top 3 picks are:

    #37: Chatterer Cenobite
    #26: Ursula
    #19: Eva Halloween as Cruella DeVille


  2. I am a little partial to #10… Those girls were amazing!

  3. Some great costumes here! My fave top 3 would be;
    #28 Bob Ross
    #33 Pinhead
    #9 Maleficent

  4. My favorite is #32 luchadores!!!

  5. I don’t envy the job of picking the winner, there were 6 or 10 of these that I really thought were well done, and another few that were cute enough to make me want to pick them. Great job everybody!

    My top three.

    #39 Life
    #8 River Song
    #29 Drag Miley Cyrus

  6. I see most everyone picked three, so here is mine:

    #33 Pinhead, for the costume
    #16 Skull face, for the makeup
    #37 Chatterer Cenobite, for the mask




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