Silent Sundays: Elvira’s Haunted Holiday (1987)

1987 George Perez Cover Elvira's House of Mystery Special - Elvira's Haunted Holidays 1Elvira’s House of MysterSpecial: Elvira’s Haunted Holidays #1, January 1987, via Tales From the Kryptonian. Cover art by José Luis García-López and design by Ed Hannigan.

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8 replies

  1. You think I would remember this!

  2. I love Elvira. Well done, sweetie! Happy Festivus! 🙂

  3. always loved Elvira, by the look of it so does Santa

  4. Cover by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, not George Perez, designed by me. I also wrote and illustrated the 8 page story, ‘Twas The Night Before X-mas and edited the title. — Ed Hannigan

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