I Got a Bad Desire: 13 Unique Gifts for Horror Lovers

Sweetlings, what would our holiday horror extravaganza be without our annual gift guide? There’s no need to seek out the unconventional and bizarre for your family and friends when there’s Eva Halloween’s Guide to 13 Unusual and Unique Gifts for Unusual and Unique People! Happy browsing, darlings, and you can find last year’s list here for even more gifting inspiration.

1. Overlook Hotel Ashtray ($10) Inside the grand Art Deco ballroom in the Overlook Hotel lies an expanse of gleaming mahogany and glowing bottles known as The Gold Room, where a ghostly bartender will pour you a round and make you an offer of permanent residence. If you’re going to turn him down, might as well get a souvenir to take with you when you attempt to escape go.

2. Krampus Sticker Book ($10) Just the thing to strike a little gleeful terror in the hearts of naughty Yule celebrants, this sticker book features seventy-two images captured from vintage krampuskarten to decorate your holiday cards, workstation, or anywhere else you deviants like to put stickers.

3. Elegant Victorian Skull Print ($10) Printed on a reclaimed dictionary page from the 1800s, this Victorian skull offers a grinning reminder that, while everyone dies, there’s no reason to be less than stylish about it.

4. Miskatonic Valley Junior Baseball Association ($15 and up) Show your support of the MVJBA with a volunteer t-shirt from the 2008 Pancake Breakfast and Summoning! Die-hard cultists fans can upgrade to a team pack with pennant and t-shirt supporting the Innsmouth Guppies, Kingsport Moonbeasts, Dunwich Whippoorwills, or Aylesbury Zoogs, or pick up a bumper sticker asserting proud parentage of a MVJBA player. Get them now before the teams are returned to Arkham Sanitarium for the off season.

5. Daryl Walking Dead Crossbow Necklace ($24) Help the Daryl Dixon devotee in your life make it through the winter Walking Dead hiatus with this handmade necklace, pairing a silver cross-bow with a raku ceramic walker hand in an elegant state of decay.

6. The Diabolical Diagram of Movie Monsters ($32) Show your love of classic horror creations and general word-nerdiness with a taxonomic breakdown of all manner of movie monsters. Printed on 100 lb. archival paper and signed and numbered by the artists, this 24″ x 36” lithograph featuring hundreds of creatures will help you know your giant crabs from your Sasquatches from your vampire martial artists. In case you weren’t sure.

7. Day of the Dead Skirt ($40) Edged in black ribbon and lace, this stylish sartorial selection features dapper Día de los Muertos skeletons in a black-on-white pattern – perfect for the calavera catrina in your life.

8. Edward Gorey Dracula Laser Cel Art ($60) In 1977, beloved illustrator of dark “literary nonsense” Edward Gorey designed the set and costumes for a Broadway revival of Dracula. Taken from Gorey’s interpretation of the novel, this petite art collage features layered laser cel lithographs over a foam core, beautifully creating the depth and menace of Dracula’s cave in a midnight landscape as the doomed Lucy attempts to flee.

9. Demons 2 iPad Case by Sellergren Design ($60) Chock full of serial killers, Lovecraftian beasts, and pop-art monsters, you pretty much can’t go wrong with anything from Sellergren Design’s Society 6 store. I’m particularly fond of this iPad case inspired by Lamberto Bava’s Demons, which would pair brilliantly with a new iPad under the tree this year.  *checks mail hopefully*

10. Taxidermy Chupacabra Foot in a Box ($75) Said to wander the Americas preying on livestock, the legendary cryptid known as the “goat sucker” is apparently more elusive to scientists than it is to taxidermists. Created by Custom Creature Taxidermy, this elegantly horrible gift includes a mummified foot in a wooden chest with brass plaque, plus a framed story of the chupacabra legend.

11. Rose Gold Vermeil Human Tooth Ring ($160) At a time when life was fleeting and early death common, Victorians were known for cherishing mementos of departed loved ones, from post-mortem photos to jewelry made of hair and, yes, teeth. This Victorian-inspired ring by Loved to Death features a real human tooth in a delicate filigree oval rose gold setting. It’s not creepy because history.

12. Stephen King 1969 First Edition ($200) – If you have a Stephen King lover in your life, chances are they already own the complete King oeuvre. For a wholly noteworthy gift, why not give them an early first edition? This vintage first edition/first printing of the Spring 1969 Startling Mystery Stories features The Reaper’s Image, Stephen King’s second published work, and the first appearance of his name on a cover. 

13. 1873 Automaton Pig In Suit ($3,680) When budget runs a distant second to making sure your gift is absolutely, completely, horrifically, unique, travel back in time to the 1800’s when this wind-up pig stood in front of a German butcher’s shop, eyes rolling and tongue wagging, enticing shoppers inside to buy all manner of delicious pork parts. Or, simply bid on this auction to bring the antique porcine automoton home for the holidays. Standing just over two feet tall, this vintage piglet still springs into disturbing life with ease, as head, eyes, and tongue shamble together on clockwork gears. Because there’s something about a bizarre automated butcher shop hog the size of a toddler that just screams “Christmas,” darlings.

1873 Automaton Pig In Suit Summerbell Bosh Antique Clockwork Rare Automata sold by fair0722

Hope this year’s gift guide helps make your holidays just a bit more happily horrible, kittens. Stay tuned to TYoH for more Holiday of Horrors now through the end of the year!

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8 replies

  1. Dear Eva,
    I’ve been a very good girl this year. The gift I most want is #1. But I’d be really happy with 6, 10, 11, or 12 too. Also, I don’t have a chimney anymore, so I’ll sneak out of bed and unlock the door on Christmas Eve.

  2. You have my address so just send me one of each!

  3. I already called all these things. Forget it, Choo!

  4. I bet there is really a toddler inside that pig. If history is any guide, I’m sure of it.

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