Ticking Away the Moments: Updates on Steven King’s “The Ten O’Clock People”

The Ten O'Clock People Movie Poster via FearNet

With four movies based on his story adaptations or screenplays currently in the works, 2014 certainly seems to be the year of Stephen King in Hollywood.  This holds especially true for the recent announcements regarding casting and release dates for the big screen adaptation of The Ten O’Clock People, a short story in King’s 1993 Nightmares and Dreamscapes anthology.

While opinions are split on the original story (I quite liked it, others have described it as “arguably the worst piece of fiction King has ever published”), the film is being adapted and directed by horror legend Tom Holland, writer and director of 1980’s horror classics Fright Night and Child’s Play. Although Holland has stumbled before in collaborations with Stephen King (Thinner, anyone?), the themes of paranoia and fear of authority from the original story should resonate well with modern audiences.

Another positive for this adaptation is the announcement of Jay Baruchel as lead and executive producer of the film. Although better known for comedic roles, Baruchel is a known horror lover and excels at finding that little bit of tragedy at the heart of comedy. Let’s hope he can bring a similar touch to The Ten O’Clock People, currently scheduled for release in 2015.

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