Codex of Horror: Presenting the Stephen King Abecedarium

Young Stephen King

Nobody is ever going to suggest that Stephen King, the grand doyen of American horror authors, isn’t prolific. He has written a million books (give or take) and I have met very few people who have never watched or read anything created by him. And that’s not even counting the people who love The Shawshank Redemption but don’t know it originated as a novella in King’s 1982 Different Seasons.

Through his extensive collection of works, Stephen King has created a cohesive universe and a mythology that I think is as deserving of expansion as Lovecraft’s.  For fans, some debates have been around forever and will always rage: short story or novel, which movie came out the best, is Night Shift better than Skeleton Crew?  (The answer to the last one is yes.)

In honor of the King universe (and fan arguments everywhere), we wanted to make a tribute to some of his best characters, and, well, we have a lot of time on our hands weren’t content to just make a list.  So for all your Stephen King fan needs, we present the Stephen King Abecedarium!  Whether you’d like your kids learning their horror history at the same time as their ABC’s, or simply want to argue that Stuart Redmond would have been a better choice for “S” than Paul Sheldon, this poster has you covered. Let us know your favorites and who we missed in the comments!

Abecedarium of Stephen King by Acadia Einstein

Check out the official Stephen King site for news and upcoming releases by the master of horror. Original Low Man art created by Alberto Robles.

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  1. Last year he escaped Tabitha and went to the Bangor Fair to ride the Ferris Wheel and see his house. A little girl in line told him to write about Unicorns instead of scary stuff. I dread to think what you’d have under U if he did that.

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