You’re Sweet Enough to Eat: 28 Creepy Vintage Valentines

ghosts-on-valentinesKittens, Valentine’s Day may not logically have an instant tie-in with Halloween, but here at TYoH, we have a little different perspective on the subject.  After all, a holiday historically tied to an ancient pre-Roman fertility festival and named for a martyr who was finally killed by beheading after beating and stoning failed to work can’t be all candy hearts and flowers. And you can’t have the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre without Valentine’s Day!

It seems like we aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed the connection either, darlings. These creepy vintage valentines offered plenty of ghosts, skeletons, and other horribly haunting images to lovers of a bygone era.  If you have a special dear(ly departed) someone in your life, why not pair one of these delightfully dark cards with a little spooky romantic poetry?  It’s sure to get you both in a properly horrific holiday spirit.

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