Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?? I’m Just Trying to Survive The Walking Dead Mid-Season Break

Mark your calenders for TWD's return February 9th!

Remember when you were a kid and wished that you could be older and your mom always said “Don’t wish your life away!”? Well, I took that advice and tried to make each day count, one day at a time, today is the first day of the rest of your life… That all turned to worthless counsel once I began watching AMC’s The Walking Dead. Never had I wished for a Sunday night to come so quickly. TGIF my ass… I was TGIS all the way! With Season 2 came the introduction of the mid-season finale. Our emotions were toyed with because there were going to be double the episodes compared to season 1 and then, like a sucker punch, the mid season finale. As the seasons have gone on, we have only become more emotionally vested in the characters. The mid-season break is comparable to dropping a loved one off at the airport in October and not being able to see them until February….yes….that sappy. The cliffhanger element feels like said loved one told you they had something important to tell you when they got back…yes…that gut-wrenching.

daryl dixon

What ever shall we do with this idle time?? To keep yourself in the loop of The Walking Dead happenings, stay tuned in to social media outlets. Keep yourself up to speed on what the cast is doing during the off season. Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) is currently promoting her latest album Expired LoveNorman Reedus (we all know who his character is) has several con appearances and is also promoting the release of his gorgeous photography book . Be sure and catch Jon Bernthal in Mob City on TNT Wednesday nights at 9 pm (where you will also be pleased to see Jeffrey DeMunn -aka Dale and Andrew Rothenberg- aka Jim) You can also tune in to The Walker Stalkers weekly podcast. James and Eric are always good for a pick me up. AMC is also very aware of the dangers of withdrawals so they are graciously running The Walking Dead marathon on New Years Eve.  I guess what I am trying to say is hang in there, kids! We are all in this together. Like mid-season finales before this one we will rise from the piles of dead walkers and be better for it! Until February 9th at 9 pm…be strong.


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  1. You can watch Boondock Saints to silence your cravings for a few hours.

  2. Such longing in my photograph! I had no idea he felt that way about me!…..


  1. The Walking Dead Marathon NYE & New Year’s Day | Small Screen Silver Surfer

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