Friday Night Features: “T is for Top Hat” Short Film

Darlings, we’re continuing our celebration of female directors for Women in Horror Month on Friday Night Features with this week’s featured short, T is for Top Hat.  Originally created for the first ABC’s of Death competition, stop-motion animators Sarah Davison and Sarah Duffield-Harding of Sarah and Sarah spin a dark animated tale of a janitor who gets more than he bargained for when he meddles with a magician’s mysterious top hat. Enjoy!

T is for Top Hat by Sarah and Sarah

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3 replies

  1. This is two short for me to say anything without it being a spoiler so I will give it a fast review:

    Actors who agree to be in horror movies, even puppet ones, should never bargain for anything because they always end up getting more. And it is never good.

    Six out of eleventeen gorgeous assistants

  2. I think it was good I’m a sucker for horror movies

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