Friday Night Features: “Eel Girl” Short Film

Darlings, this week’s horror short combines elements of science fiction and horror, as an amphibious humanoid that is contained in a top secret research facility offers temptations her keeper just can’t seem to resist. Little wonder that this short, produced by Elisabeth Pinto and Jennifer Scheer and written and directed by Paul Campion (who went on to write and direct The Devil’s Rock in 2011) with effects by Weta Workshop, was the 2008 winner of Best Short Film at the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival.  There is some mild NSFW aquatic nudity, so watch this one at your own risk, kittens.

Eel Girl Short Film

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  1. Guess who just figured out how you can get me to watch movies that are longer than two minutes?

  2. There was a certain inevitability about that


  1. Friday Night Features: “Eel Girl” Short Film | West Coast Review

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