All the Leaves are Brown: DIY Fall Blazer Recon

DIY Fall Blazer Recon by Threadbanger

With Labor Day once again upon us, thoughts turn to the coolness of fall weather, the start of another year of school, and all the other myriad delights of autumn. Yes, for those of us counting, this means that Halloween is also now less than two months away! What a perfect time, then, for this handy little DIY tutorial for upcycling an old blazer into three new fashion-forward fall looks. Use the easy video how-to from Threadbanger to pick one pattern, or go with snap closures to be able to swap your design between all three options. You can wear this blazer now as the weather changes, then pair it with props or makeup to make a unique Halloween costume at the end of October. Perhaps you’ll use the caped look for an updated Sherlock costume, or add a pencil stab wound to the vest for a school girl zombie look to be the most fashionable fiend on your street. Happy crafting!

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