In The Year 2148: DIY Futuristic Foam Armor Tutorial

As the days grow short before Halloween, we at TYoH will be here with an exhaustive collection of easy DIY and last-minute costumes and projects to help you keep things spooky, even if it’s hours away from the big day and you haven’t begun to do any shopping. In the meantime, however, we have a long 137 days to go, so why not consider a few projects that might take a little more time and planning to complete?IndyMogul DIY Foam Armor

Today we turn to the folks at Indymogul, who specialize in low cost tutorials for indie filmmakers on a budget, with YouTube channels dedicated to lighting, audio, and technical tips and tricks, as well as costume, build and effects how-to’s, for this fantastic DIY futuristic foam armor. Using just a heat gun, some craft tools, and cheap foam flooring squares, this tutorial is a great starting point for an armor-based costume, whether for a indie sci-fi movie, Mass Effect cosplay, or awe-inspiring Halloween costume.

You can also check out these tutorials from Entropy House, Amethyst Angel, and Volpin Props for DIY cosplay armor and accessories with more of a fantasy feel. Happy building!

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  1. I am the constant Halloween Procrastinator, Always have these big, grand ideas and then a day before, I slap on my decade old witch costume (no, not the sexy one) and call it a day. But, this year’s going to be different.

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