Crisp and Golden as an Apple: Welcome Autumn with 13 Fall GIFs

Fall Leaves Autumn GIF (1)

Kittens, today marks a turn of the wheel; summer slowly dying into autumn in the northern hemisphere, turning the air crisp and chill with the knowledge of coming winter. Of course, the first day of fall means Halloween is just over a month away, but there is – dare I say – something more to the season to celebrate. Autumn is a precious time, as air full of wood smoke and damp earth brings brings an underscent of things dying and returning to the soil. Dying, yes, but still bursting forth with a last exuberance of color and texture against the coming breath of winter, a barely realized hope of renewal in some far-off spring. Perhaps the season’s loveliness lies in the simple joy of dry leaves skittering in gusty wind, crunching underfoot as you walk in the last chill golden light of the year. Whatever your reason to love fall, here’s to the coming of the season with these thirteen autumn gifs. Click through the gallery and let us know your reasons in the comments below!

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  1. Reason number 1 why I enjoy fall – Halloween. Thanks for this cool post.

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