Friday Night Features: “The Lady Paranorma” Short Film

Kittens, we are at the final Friday Night Features before Halloween. Stay tuned to TYoH for the next seven days while we countdown to Halloween with posts from the marvelous to the macabre, culminating with a special Friday Halloween edition of Friday Night Features! For tonight’s featured short, we bring you The Lady Paranorma, a creepy animated confection created by  Vincent Marcone. This 2011 short tells a lovely, yet unsettling, story of the town outcast, who lives alone but for the whispers of dead voices.  As the voices grow louder, she seeks out the source, finding an ending part happy, part incredibly disturbing. Marcone’s dreamy artwork and animation pairs perfectly with narration by none other than Peter Murphy, creating a uniquely beautiful and creepy fairy tale perfectly suited to the week before Halloween. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed The Lady Paranorma, you can purchase it in book form on Amazon, or find more art from Vincent Marcone at My Pet Skeleton.

Poster The Lady Paranorma

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  1. Visually stunning. Like a super sexy ostrich wearing a tailored suit.

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