Enter Exposition: Episode 2 of American Horror Story Hotel


I am sorry I am a day late with this post.  I am super important and needed to fly in an airplane.  But now I am on the ground, I bought some new clothes and cleaned my garage.  I also worked and ate some leftover Chinese food.  Some people would call that a full day’s work.  But here I am, making sure I give you awesome TYOH fans my take on this week’s episode of American Horror Story, Chutes and Ladders.

And I have to say it might have been my favorite episode of any season so far.  Why?  Because it seems like someone finally realized that explaining SOMETHING in the beginning might help viewers, I don’t know, not spend most of every episode saying, “well now who is that?”  Remember how there were mutant weirdos in the woods and aliens in Asylum?  Yeah, well I still don’t know why there were there.  And that was a problem with all the installments of AHS.  Too many things?  Nah.  I used to think that, but having a lot of things is ok if you know basically what’s happening.  And this year, so far, they have done a good job of telling us what the hell is happening.  Which brings me to this weeks episode.

Now it’s time for: Block Quotes Full of Spoilers!!!!!

  • We find out that Evan Peters’ character is the ghost of the sociopath who built the hotel.  They borrowed liberally from the real life Murder Castle of H.H. Holmes, widely considered America’s first serial killer and depicted in the outstanding book Devil in the White City.  The real life hotel built by Holmes (and the Cortez in the show) both feature body chutes, dead end hallways, and secret passages.  All for sweet, sweet killing.
  • Meanwhile, handsome cop thinks he sees his dead kid (because he did) and ends up pouring his heart out to 80s ghost Sarah Paulson.  And she finds out handsome cop used to be a drunk but quit after he witnessed a terrible accidental death/suicide deal.
  • The hotel has apparently been sold and handsome cop gets invited to see the new owner’s fashion show in the lobby.  Handsome cop’s daughter is with him and stumbles across the creepy kids in their coffins, which include her long-missing brother Holden.  Long story short – she knows Holden is alive but hasn’t aged and her parents don’t believe her.  Well, at least the mom doesn’t. Handsome cop dad might.
  • Lady Gaga makes a NEW super handsome vampire (angry model Tristan from the fashion show) and kicks out the old one.  And while all that is going on she explains that she is about 112, can go out in sunlight and doesn’t have fangs (“We cut”).  Good stuff.  And since she gave her previous guy the boot, I am wondering if that means that Kathy Bates will leave.  As his mom, she was only there to be close to him, you now?

So the only thing I still don’t understand is the 7 deadly sins murders.  I might have to go back and rewatch that part since it made no sense to me.  But beyond that, I am thrilled that they gave us so much info so fast.  Great episode and a GREAT season so far.  Let me know what you like/don’t like in the comments!

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7 replies

  1. Ohhh! Haven’t watched, yet. We tend to record episodes and then have a marathon. But it sounds like the usual fun!

  2. Yes! I was surprised they let Lady Gaga’s character explain stuff as well. (As I am surprised at how much I like Lady Gaga in AHS!!)
    Every time AHS shows a drawn out rape scene I die a little (and not in a good way), but I am still loving this season already.

  3. Fx and Dish are arguing again and I can’t stream it 😦

  4. I liked it, too. Last season was a disaster, as far as I’m concerned, with a lot of interesting pieces that didn’t add up to anything. Filling us in with the story up front this year gives me hope that there’s a story and a plan this time.

  5. I’m really tired of Evan Peters. How does he get a lifetime gig from AHS?

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