We Seem to Have Lost Our Detective: American Horror Story Hotel Episode 4

American Horror Story Hotel Promo Art

This season continues to impress me.  Just when I was saying how great it was that they were spending so much time giving us a foundation of who the characters are and being so expository, they put on the brakes and drove straight into crazy town with Devil’s Night.  Here comes the recap!

  • Alex (Chloë Sevigny) brought Holden (her vampire kid) home and he ate their dog. To be honest, I am not sure how this came about because I missed the very beginning. She took the kid back to Lady Gaga who told her that the only way she could be with Holden was to become a vampire.  And doctor mom Alex said: sure!  So Lady Gaga made another vampire.  She is prolific!
  • Ms. Evers, the ghost maid who worships Mr. March, also had a kid who was kidnapped. He was murdered by an elaborate serial killer in 1928.  She tells handsome cop John Lowe this so they can bond over not watching their kids very closely.
  • Mr. March has a party every Devil’s Night (traditionally a night of mischief right before Halloween) and it is the biggest night on his annual ghost calendar.  He has a dinner party and his guests in ghostly form were serial killers John Wayne Gacy (33 kills), Aileen Wuornos (7 kills), Richard Ramirez (16 kills), Jeffrey Dahmer (17 kills), and The Zodiac Killer (7 kills).


  • The ghostly killers all credited March (The Master) for helping them become the successful murderers that they were, and they had some fun dissecting (no pun intended) where they went wrong.  And witnessing it all was handsome cop.  For some reason.  Didn’t matter, though because it was pure crazy.  Dahmer drilling a hole in some poor schmoe’s head and pouring acid in it, which he really did in life.  Lily Rabe being such a good Wuornos I didn’t even realize it was Lily Rabe for like, 10 minutes.  Pure madness.  Then Hypodermic Sally brought in some dude off the street for them to stab like Caesar, and said to March: “this will get you to leave me alone for a year?” and he said yes.  So that’s interesting!

I am continually impressed with this season. Like in a lot of AHS seasons, I find one story line better than the other(s).  This year, I don’t give a crap about Lady Gaga’s vampire wars.  But I cannot get enough of the awesome hotel and crazy March.  If they stay true to form, there will be about 7 more completely different story lines this season but for now give me more murderers.  That’s where you get your sweet cameos, folks. Murderers!

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