31 Scary Things #18: Haunted Cars

Cars are scary but not as scary as The Cars. Can you imagine if you rolled over in bed and saw Ric Ocasek looking at you? Dude is not handsome.  At all.  I am but he’s famous and I’m not. How fair is that?

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3 replies

  1. He married Paulina Porizkova, so seems like some people wouldn’t mind so much.

  2. I find Ric Ocasek ferociously unattractive. And he doesn’t seem like a particularly nice guy, either, so it’s not like he’s necessarily got inner beauty.

    Rumor has it that James Dean’s car was haunted. Or cursed. Because everyone who drove it, or drove a car with parts taken from it, had terrible accidents in it. All I know is, if I ever saw a car driving by itself, I’d probably pee in my pants.

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