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Darlings, today leaves us a scant 46 days until Halloween – that’s just a shadow more than a fortnight!  With such a brief heartbeat of time remaining, things will be getting quite busy around here, I’m happy to announce.  And since we’re talking announcements, sweetlings, I thought I’d use today to make a few about the site.  I’d hate to keep you all in the dark, after all.

Actually, I’m rather fond of keeping things in the dark.  Let’s just go with “uninformed,” then, shall we?

First, I know it’s been quite a ghost town around here lately when it comes to horror.  Sadly, I just haven’t found many new films recently that inspire me enough to recommend them to you, my dear readers.  However, to remedy this, I’ve added a new weekly post, Friday Night Features, as an opportunity to screen some creative horror short films for you sweetlings.  I hope you’ve had a chance to watch this week’s film, which teaches us that  some monsters are where you least expect them.  Unless you expect them in the closet, because they’re totally in there, darlings.

Speaking of horror, you can also find me guest posting next month over at Anti-Film School for The 2nd Annual Halloween Horror Movie Spooktacular.  If you’ve felt wanting when it comes to scary movies, this 31-day marathon of horror movie reviews should scratch your itch.

And while we’re on the subject of guest posting, you might recall that our delicious Scary Things creator, Acadia Einstein, has been kind enough to let me moonlight on his site recently.

That has gone so swimmingly that I’m excited to give you all a little preview for our next collaboration – the Halloween 2012 Picture Perfect Scavenger Hunt and Costume Contest!  This contest will feature a little something for everyone: a bit of photo scavenger hunt, a bit of costume contest, and – of course – a variety of excellent prizes for our winners.  Stay tuned for the big reveal on October 1st, but until then, here’s a sneak peek at this year’s scavenger hunt sign.  I hope you all decide to participate, darlings – it promises to be a wicked good time!

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