Friday Night Features: “El Espectro del Bosque” Short Film

Welcome to Friday Night Features!  Tonight’s spooky short is El Espectro del Bosque (The Specter in the Woods).  This 2005 short was created by Andrés Borghi using Adobe After Effects, and has won awards at several film festivals, including the 2006 Latin American Film and Video Festival.  Enjoy!

Spectre in the Woods

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17 replies

  1. Well then i can obviously win some kind of award

  2. This time of year it gets dark when I’m out with the dogs and I always end up jumping at every little noise. I’m certain there’s a maniac somewhere in the woods.

  3. Delightfully weird, sweetie. Thanks! 🙂

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    – Ivy

  5. Delightfully creepy!! I do kinda want a stuffed furry version of whatever that little guy is though. I mean before he gets all ick at the end…

  6. Loved it, cute and horrid. 🙂


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