Friday Night Features: “Cargo” Short Film

Darling readers, tonight’s featured short film is Cargo, a finalist in this year’s Tropfest short film festival. This 2012 short, directed by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke, offers a thoughtful take on life and living after the zombie apocalypse.  As our fascination with all things zombie abides, I love how the portrayal of a post-zombie world continues to evolve and grow increasingly nuanced (regular Friday Night Features watchers may remember last year’s Mother Died, another excellent short on this theme). This one is particularly worth a watch.  Enjoy!

Cargo Short Film - Tropfest - Still

(Hat tip to Christopher Butler for the recommendation)

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16 replies

  1. That was my fave so far. I even watched the whole thing. Without skipping ahead!

  2. Amazing stuff — I think there would be room for another zombie show outside of Walking Dead, that was an anthology like this — there are so many interesting set-ups like this that you could do and because it’s not the same characters every week, there would be a real sort of tension to see what happens. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Sweetest zombie piece ever

  4. Lots of allergens in here.

  5. Wow. This was really good and a unique take on the zombie story.

    You might like the new-ish (it’s in it’s first series) British show “In the Flesh,” which is more post-zombie uprising than most zombie movies/TV shows. It’s not really gory and they haven’t had a lot of zombie-moments, so I don’t know if I’d call it horror, but it’s unique. It deals with how people are responding after they find a “cure” for the zombies (although they’re still undead, they have human thought and control again).

    Thanks for rec’ing this short.

  6. I agree with all the comments I have read,it is your best,it brings to mind Africa and the millions of AIDs orphons there.I think you should enter this in a real film contest like Sundance,I think you would win.

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