Horror GIF of the Week: The Spider

The Spider

You could interpret this gif a lot of different ways.  But the only correct one is this:
One day, Chet was working in his basement, trying to devise ways to become the overlord of his town.  He was working on a potion that would cause the population to become extremely susceptible to his suggestions which would allow him to boss them around all he wants.  While he is working on the mixture, Chet’s brother, Manny, sneaks downstairs with a spider in a jar (pictured).
Chet was a true mad man and if he had been able to continue his work we would all be mindless sex slaves.  But lucky for us Chet was really scared of spiders and when he saw the one in the gif he jumped backwards and spilled his potions and impaled himself on a beaker.   Manny then took the jar, ran upstairs and outside, released the spider and went back to playing PS3 claiming that he never went downstairs that day.
What?  Sometimes history is not scary.  I can’t just make things up.  I’m a reporter.
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17 replies

  1. I used to be the worst arachnophobe. I’ve made a fragile peace with spiders, though, so this gif didn’t creep me out, but boy howdy, it would have a few years ago. I had to have some friends of mine do the internet research searches of different breeds of spiders when I was writing a long manuscript about them just because I couldn’t bear the thought of all the images that would pop up on my unsuspecting screen while I was trying to look stuff up.

  2. BLOCKED and REPORTED…Oh, wait, I can’t do that over here can I?

  3. @corky – that’s not real!
    @angelique – 10 points for saying boy howdy.
    @Ami – *looks disappointed*
    @vampyre – You should work for the made up spider rescue center!


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