Horror GIF of the Week: There’s Something in the Mirror


I like this gif. Makes me think of back when I used to have mirrors. I don’t anymore, of course. I smashed them all so the Devil couldn’t come through one and get me (long story). I get dressed with instinct. And I shave every day.

How do I shave with no mirror? I cut myself a lot. And I miss spots. All in all I look terrible. But it is better than growing a big beard like a stupid hipster.

Maybe the Devil tried to get the hipsters through their mirrors!

I wish he had. 😦

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12 replies

  1. OH GOD – here we go – OK – whew – this one’s not as – ahem………… puckery….. also – I understand about the mirrors – I’ve had to close and seal every door I go through for the last decade because Heaven has been sending contract killers after me…

  2. I don’t understand, i thought you were a woman..? Love the gif, from a movie? Thought I recognized it.

  3. Eva you can take it out of my pay. HA!


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