Horror GIF of the Week: *faints*


I can’t even blame Eva for this.  I found it myself.  Why is Simon Cowell leaning against the back wall?  What are the birds for?  Do you think the cameraman died?  I do.  I bet that greasy grumplin got its weird wet mouth on him and killed him with toothless crunching.

Still don’t get the bird thing, though.

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  1. Ok, this is a little creepy. It does look like Simon Cowell in the background, which is extremely random and weird. But no more random than the birds, I guess.

  2. That’s Totally Some Creepy Chit! I LOVE IT! 😀

  3. OH…. MA…. GAWD…. I have to STOP looking at these things…..

  4. Acadia,
    That was basically the only good part of The Possession… But it makes one great animated GIF…
    Le Clown

  5. “Why is Simon Cowell leaning against the back wall?” ~*giggles* What really happens behind the scenes of American Idol…

  6. That is freaking creepy! Why do I keep looking?

  7. Greasy grumplin would be scarier with teef. As it is, it’s just sort of cute, like “Awww, come let me give you a bath lil’ weirdo! Who’s a cute little slobber-face? Yes you are! Good lil’ demon…so cutey, woo-woo.”

  8. the birds are psychopomps. Those wet black eyes are freaking me out.

  9. Seems like the greasy grumplin has some fans round these parts.

  10. … Aunt Rhoda? Who let you outside?

  11. I hope the poor thing wasn’t ill after biting Simon Cowell

  12. That is some intense creep factor. It would be great if you could hide that inside a fuzzy greeting card exterior and really freak a friend out.


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