Why Not a Scary Story?

Eva is still away.  I have eaten everything in the fridge and the Domino’s guy now knows me by name.  But I think the fun train is coming to an end tomorrow, as Eva will be back.  Sure, she might have put up a post here and there from wherever it is she is (I assume some castle or root cellar) but tomorrow she will be back for real and I will be banished back to my lonely world of gifs and stable-mopping.

Well, if I’m being honest, the stable mopping is voluntary.


So since this is the end of my reign and considering the fact that I have done exactly NOTHING scary since I have been here except put all Eva’s stuff in different drawers I thought I might share a story that is terrifying (at least to me) and 100% true.

The picture on the right is the corner of Congress Street and Massachusetts Avenue in Portland, Maine.  The neighborhood is called “Libbytown” and I am too lazy to look up why.

My old spinster aunts lived in the house where my nana and the rest of her people grew up (this was olden times).  They lived further up the street than the “2” on the picture.  I am not telling you exactly where cause omg creep much!?!?

Anyway back a long time ago there was a trolley that went down Congress street and stopped at the corner (the “1” on the pic) and my one aunt got off the trolley and started walking home like she did every night after work.  It was winter so it was already dark.  There was a guy she always said “Looked like Bluto from Popeye” waiting on the corner.  She assumed he was getting on the trolley.

He didn’t.

Artist's rendering based on eyewitness accounts.

Artist’s rendering based on eyewitness accounts.

He was dressed in a Navy pea coat and had a watch cap and a big beard.  Essentially, he looked like a villain.  My aunt, being no dummy, walked a little faster when she noticed he was still there.  And then a little faster still when she watched him start to follow her.

He followed her down the street.  Not going any faster.  She crossed the street.  He didn’t.  She went faster.  He kept walking.  She told me that she KNEW he was following her but if anyone had seen them it would not have looked that way at all.

She finally neared the house and he started taking a long angle across the street.  Like he knew where she lived already.  She ran up the driveway, up the back steps and into the house.  Her sister asked her what was wrong but my poor auntie was looking out the front windows frantically wondering if she should call the cops.  But the guy was gone.  She tried to explain it to her sister but it made no sense.  So they ate dinner and then went into the “parlor” and watched TV.  After a while the sister went to bed and it was just my one aunt, worrying about what the guy was up to.  But she finally said enough was enough and got up to go to bed.  She turned off the TV, went out of the room and then turned back to turn off the light.

With the lights off, she could see out the window.  At the guy with the pea coat and the watch cap and the beard.  Looking right at her.

The cops found the footprints outside the window but they never found the guy and nobody ever heard another thing about it.  True story.

Sweet dreams!

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15 replies

  1. I just wanted to tell her she dropped a $5 back on Congress.

  2. You are Bluto? *backs away slowly*

    Also – she is gonna kill me that the pic is messing up the home page. 😦

  3. Hi there. Who woulda thought they’d have freaks back then too? That stuff is scarier than any ghost story.

  4. Real men are scarier than any monster.

  5. Wait – is that NOT you standing outside of my house under the streetlight, staring at my upstairs window every Saturday night??


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